Do You Need PIP Auto Insurance Coverage in Texas?


Personal Injury Protection is insurance coverage that pays for your medical expenses in the event of an accident. With PIP coverage, it doesn’t matter who is at fault for the accident; you will have coverage for the policyholder and household members and all authorized drivers and passengers. PIP insurance is a mandatory coverage in the state of Texas, but you can sign a waiver declining the coverage.

When you are wondering whether you need PIP Insurance Coverage, you need a good insurance agency that knows the answers and can give you all the help you need. In the North Dallas, Plano and Frisco areas, that agency is Tri-Star Insurance Professionals, Inc. John Coyle, the owner of Tri-Star Insurance, has been in the insurance business for nearly 20 years, serving people and businesses in North Dallas, Plano and Frisco, TX. Contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals today at 214-387-0600.

Why Do You Need PIP Insurance Coverage?

PIP pays for your medical expenses such as medical and surgical treatment, dental and eye treatment, ambulance, nursing services, medications needed because of the accident, medical supplies and prosthetic devices. It also helps you or your passengers recover compensation for lost wages and for the cost of someone to perform services like household tasks that the injured party is unable to do on their own. PIP insurance also helps to pay for funeral expenses, should lives be lost in the accident.

Your policy will tell you the coverage limits of your PIP insurance, which refer to the maximum amount paid per person for their total expenses.

Is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Necessary?

In Texas, PIP insurance is mandatory, unless you sign a waiver declining the coverage. The mandate is there to protect drivers in the event of an accident of their own fault or if the other driver has no coverage. The exception is available because in many situations, these injuries are covered by an individual’s health insurance coverage.

If you have sufficient health insurance that will cover your necessary medical expenses in the event of serious injury, then you may not want PIP coverage. Before electing to sign off on PIP insurance, however, consider whether you can afford any lost wages from a job if you were not able to return to work for an extended period. In addition, PIP insurance covers substitute help and funeral expenses, which your other insurance may not help with.

If these expenses are not of major concern to you, then you can safely choose to waive PIP insurance coverage.

Don’t be caught making an uniformed decision about PIP coverage, however. If you live in the North Dallas, Plano or Frisco area, call the insurance professionals at Tri-State Insurance today at 214-427-7231. Let John Coyle and his friendly staff help you make the best auto insurance decisions for your busy lifestyle.

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