Factors that Affect Your Home Insurance Premium, insurance agency in Plano

Factors that Affect Your Home Insurance Premium

Ask your insurance agency in Plano, Texas: What factors influence my home insurance premium?

When it comes down to it, your home insurance premiums are based on how insurance companies assess your risk.  Finding the cheapest home insurance rates has a lot to do with minimizing your risk.  Learn from your insurance agency in Plano, Texas about these surprising factors that can affect your insurance premiums.

Your Dog

Surprisingly, the breed of dog you own can impact your insurance rates.  The liability portion of your insurance protects you in the event that you are sued for injury caused by your dog.  However, some insurance companies will not cover homeowners who own breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous.”  Other insurers might require a liability waiver for dogs, or may only provide coverage after your dog has attended training classes.


If you are remodeling parts of your home, chances are this will increase the value of your home.  This increased value will translate to your insurance coverage.  Because it will be expensive for the insurance company to rebuild if there is an accident, materials and construction costs will be reflected in your premium.  Though your insurance rates may increase, it’s worth it to have updated coverage.

Marital Status

Your marital status can also affect your home insurance rates.  Insurers tend to offer lower rates for married homeowners because married couples generally file fewer claims than single individuals.  Additionally, many insurance companies assume married couples are older and more mature, and therefore safer to insure.  If you are a single homeowner, then expect your insurance rate to be higher.

Swimming Pools

If your own a swimming pool, hot tub, or outdoor spa, then you will need more liability coverage.  In turn, this will increase your insurance rates.  Additionally, most insurance companies advise you to increase your coverage just in case someone is injured on your property and looks to sue.

These are just a few of the surprising factors that can affect your home insurance rates.  While these risk factors can raise your rates, it’s still important to have all the coverage you need.  To find the most comprehensive protection for you and your family, contact the best insurance agency in Plano, Texas. The professionals at Tri-Star Insurance are ready to assist you with all your home insurance needs.