Tips for Improving Brake Functionality and Longevity

How to Maximize Your Car’s Brakes

Take Steps to Improve the Performance and Longevity of Your Brakes.

While having the right auto insurance in Plano, Texas is one way to protect yourself as you drive, there are other factors that can help you drive more safely.  For instance, making sure that your car’s brakes are working properly is one of the most important components of safe driving.  However, constantly having to replace your car’s brakes can be a real pain.  Here are some steps that you can take to help your brakes perform better and last longer.

1) Slow Down

The faster you are driving, the more stress that you place on your brakes when you apply them.  To extend the life of your brakes, try to slow down as much as possible before hitting your brakes.  For instance, if you know that you are approaching a stop, take your foot off the accelerator and let the momentum of your car carry you forward.  This will naturally reduce your speed, and decrease the strain you are putting on your brakes.

2) Don’t Overuse Your Brakes

A lot of drivers have a bad habit of using their brakes more than they really have to.  For instance, many drivers ride their brakes when they are traveling downhill, or when they are trying to maintain a constant speed.  In some cases, drivers actually hit their brakes at the same time they are trying to accelerate.  If you are guilty of any of these habits, make an effort to cutdown on your excessive use of your brakes.  By only using your brakes when necessary, you will reduce the amount of wear and tear you place on your brakes every day.

3) Change Your Brake Fluid

Finally, replacing your brake fluid every two years or so can help ensure that your brakes are working to the best of their ability.  As time wears on, water can dilute your brake fluid.  This in turn can cause your braking system to corrode and eventually break down.  By switching out your brake fluid, your brakes will improve their functionality and extend their lifetime.

Take these tips to ensure that your brakes last longer and work better.  Want another way to stay safe while on the road? Make sure you have the proper auto insurance protection in place.  To find the right policies to fit your needs, contact the team at Tri-Star Insurance.  We are ready to get you covered today.