Protect These Commonly Stolen Household Items, household items that burglars like to steal

Protect These Commonly Stolen Household Items

Safeguard these household items burglars are known to steal.

Homeowners know that one of the major risks that they face is the threat of a home burglary.  The average home burglary lasts only 8-12 minutes, but this is often enough time for the thieves to make off with your valuable possessions.  To protect against serious losses, learn which household items burglars like to steal and find out how to protect them.

  • Cash

Burglars tend to begin their search in the master bedroom, because that’s where people are most likely to store their cash.  Obvious spots include your nightstand, dresser, and even under your mattress.  If you keep a large amount of cash in your home, avoid keeping it in the most obvious places.  Instead, try concealing money in non-visible, unexpected places like in your book shelf, in an unworn pair of boots, and so on.

  • Jewelry

As previously mentioned, burglars often start their spree in the master bedroom.  Not only is this the most obvious place to store cash, but this is also where most homeowners keep their valuable jewelry.  Instead of displaying your expensive watch and heirloom earrings on your dresser, consider keeping your valuable jewelry in a wall-mounted safe that a burglar will not be able to remove from your home.

  • Electronics

After the master bedroom, the living room is the room most likely to be ransacked in a burglary.  This is because expensive electronics such as televisions, gaming systems, speakers, tablets, and laptops tend to be kept in the living room.  Because these items are rarely bolted down, they are an easy score for thieves.  While it is inconvenient, bolt your tv to the wall and keep all other electronics in locked drawers or cabinets when they are not in use.  This will make it next to impossible for a burglar to play grab-and-go with your pricy electronics.

These are some of the household items that burglars like to steal and how you can protect them.  Remember, another way to safeguard your personal belongings from burglary is by having the proper homeowners insurance protections in place.  To find the right policies to meet your needs, contact the professionals at Tri-Star Insurance/HUB International in Plano, Texas.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.