Tips for Driving at Night, auto insurance in Plano, Texas

Tips for Driving at Night

Having the right auto insurance in Plano, Texas is just the start.  Here are some other steps you should take to stay safe driving at nighttime.

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, many people may find themselves driving in the dark more frequently.  Driving at night presents is own challenges and dangers, so it’s important that you know how to stay safe.  While having the right auto insurance in Plano, Texas is a great place to start, there are other safety precautions you can take.  To protect yourself this season, keep these driving safety tips in mind.

1) Check Your Lights– Before you set off, make sure that your headlights, taillights, high beams, and signal lights are all functioning properly.  Additionally, make sure all your lights are clean and bright enough for other drivers to see clearly.

2) Keep Your Windshield Clean– Another thing you should do before driving at night is making sure that your car’s windshield and windows are clean.  Having a clean windshield will increase your visibility and can prevent you from being distracted by glare from streetlights.

3) Drive Defensively– When you’re driving at night, your depth perception is affected by the darkness.  This means it’s harder that judge the speed and distance of other vehicles.  In order to avoid an accident, make sure your drive a little slower and keep more distance between your car and the car in front of you.  This will give you enough time to react if they stop suddenly.

4) Let the Road Guide You– The glaring lights of oncoming traffic can be distracting and can affect your ability to see clearly.  That’s why you should look at the edge of the road to make sure that you are driving straight and staying in your lane.

5) Get Plenty of Rest– When it gets dark, our bodies naturally get sleepy.  To avoid feeling drowsy when you’re behind the wheel, it’s important that are well rested before setting out on your drive.  If you are going on a long drive, make frequent stops to stretch and refresh yourself.  If you do find yourself getting sleepy, then pull over and rest.  Driving while you’re drowsy is extremely dangerous and it’s not worth the risk.

Follow these safety tips to ensure that your drive safely at night.  Remember, another way to stay safe at any time of day is to have the right auto insurance in Plano, Texas.  To get the coverage you need, look to the experts at Tri-Star Insurance.  We are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs.  Contact us today.